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15 AUG 2017 - Durack Aged Care - PLANNED HAZARDOUS WORKS


Summary - PLANNED HAZARDOUS WORKS - Durack Aged-Care
- 15/08/2017
Severity - Critical
Start - Thursday 17th August 2017 09:00am AEDT
End - Thursday 17th August 2017 5:00pm AEDT
Services - All Phone and Broadband services
Areas - Durack Aged-Care only


We are writing to inform you of some critical hazardous works that need to take place.

Critical changes are required to be undertaken to our network to support the daily operation of the Aged-Care facility.
These works are scheduled to occur on Thursday 17th August.
During this time subscribers MAY experience an interruption of service for up to an 1 hour in duration, however no impact is anticipated.
If you experience an interruption exceeding 1 hour, please turn your Aveo Connect Home Gateway device off and after a moment back on. If services still do not restore to normal 3 minutes after this please contact our technical support team for further assistance on 1300 851 496.
Frontier Networks (as service provider to Aveo)
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