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What's Involved in Relocating my services?


When should I apply for a relocation?
If you have existing AveoConnect services it’s always best to get in touch with us once you know the date(s) you’ll be moving out of your current address and into the new one, even if you are moving within the same village or building.

Relocating a service is similar to connecting a new service and similar costs apply. It is important to remember that the AveoConnect equipment installed in your existing home (excluding Foxtel equipment) is property of Aveo and must remain connected and in situ when you vacate. If necessary new equipment will be installed at your new location.


Will relocating my service break my current contract?
No. As long as you agree to the applicable relocation fees, you may relocate your service during the term of an existing contract and any Early Termination Fees will be waived. You will be required to complete a new application form and if you are still during the term of an existing contract you will be required to take up equivalent services (of the same value or higher) at your new location.


Can I keep my phone number?
It's typically possible to keep the same phone number - in your application form there is an applicable section for this, ensure you specify AveoConnect is the current service provider of the number.


How much does a relocation cost?
Relocation costs vary depending on the type of service you're connecting at your new address. Different areas have different infrastructure, so you may be switching to a different kind of internet when you move.

We can confirm the applicable cost for you when you lodge your application.


How long does a relocation take?
Timeframes vary depending on the services you have with us, and the infrastructure at your new address. Relocation work that requires a technician to install equipment can take up to 4 weeks. If AveoConnect equipment is already connected and in situ at the new location services can typically be activated remotely within 7 Queensland business days.


How to I request a service relocation?
Please email us at modifications@aveoconnect.com.au and remember to include the date(s) you’ll be moving out of your current address and into the new one.




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