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18 SEP 2017 - Aveo Newcastle - PLANNED HAZARDOUS WORKS


 - 15/09/2017
Severity - Critical
Start - Monday 18th September 2017 07:00pm AEST
End - Monday 18th September 2017 10:30pm AEST
Services - All Phone, Broadband & Corporate services
Areas - Aveo Newcastle only


We are writing to inform you of some critical hazardous works that need to take place.

Network maintenance is required at this site which could result in a short service outage.
These works are scheduled to occur on Monday 18th September.
During this time subscribers MAY experience an interruption of service for up to an 1 hour in duration, however the expected loss of connectivity is only 5-10 minutes.
If you experience an interruption exceeding 1 hour after the maintenance window, please turn your Aveo Connect Home Gateway device off, wait 10 seconds then turn it back on. If services still do not restore to normal 5 minutes after this please contact our technical support team for further assistance on 1300 851 496.
Frontier Networks (as service provider to Aveo)
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