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NBN Co announces it will pause HFC rollout


On 27th November 2017 nbn co announced it’s applying a temporary cease sale to the HFC (Hybrid Fibre-Coaxial) access network.

The cease sale will come into effect on 11 December and is expected to last 6-9 months. For residents in areas affected AveoConnect is investigating alternative delivery technologies independent of the nbn and are encouraged to contact our sales team to discuss available options.


Why has nbn co decided this?

nbn co has made the decision to stop sell driven by concerns with the customer experience on its HFC access network. According to nbn co, a small portion of customers in these areas are experiencing connection delays and dropouts. It will use the next 6-9 months to address these concerns.

When will the temporary cease sale commence and end?

nbn Co has stated the temporary cease sale will begin on 11 December, and is expected to last 6-9 months, across the entire nbn HFC network. As a result, AveoConnect is no longer installing services over the NBN HFC network.

What does this mean for customers in existing HFC serviceable areas?

From 7 December, any premise that is currently listed as ready for service with HFC, and does not have an nbn HFC order in-train, will be rolled back to ‘unserviceable’. AveoConnect is investigating alternative delivery technologies in these areas.

I am waiting to be connected to AveoConnect over NBN HFC, will my order be cancelled?

No, as you already have an order in place, it will progress.  

What is happening to the nbn areas that are scheduled for HFC?

For now, the rollout will just be delayed including the decommissioning of existing networks. AveoConnect will continue to accept orders and will notify you if we can install a service using a different delivery technology. If an NBN alternative is not available you will be given the option to withdraw your order or have it placed on hold until the rollout resumes.

What happens to my existing nbn HFC service?

Nothing, existing services will remain as is. We’ll continue to support you with any requests you have relating to your nbn HFC service.

How do I know if I am an nbn HFC customer?

Your AveoConnect Home Gateway will connect to a small black NBN box that connects to a screw in wall socket as per the illustration below.


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