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What is Local Number Porting


The terms ‘Port’, ‘Porting’ and ‘Ported’ are used to describe the process of transferring your number from one service provider to another. For example, you may port your phone number from your existing service provider to AveoConnect.

Here are some common questions you may have about your porting experience.

How do I Port my phone number to AveoConnect?

If you wish to port your phone number to AveoConnect, you will need to specify this when you sign up and your contract paperwork is created.

Please note that you will be responsible for all charges you have incurred in using your old provider’s services up until the date the port takes effect, including any applicable early contract termination payments and handset related payments if you port while within your commitment period.

Are there any charges for Porting?

AveoConnect does not charge for your first number port upon establishing your account. Other fees however do apply, for example port reject charges. Please refer to the AveoConnect website for the complete Local Number Portability Charges.

Your current service provider may charge transfer fees and/or contract termination fees. It is important to first check before porting.

Can I Port my number if I am still under contract with my current service provider?

Yes you can Port your number while still under contract with your current service provider. However, you may have obligations under your existing contract and it is likely that there will be consequences if you terminate it early. For example, you may be liable to pay your existing service provider early termination fees and handset repayment fees if you terminate your agreement during a fixed contract term. It is important that you first check with your current service provider before Porting your number.

Will my existing voicemail messages be Ported with my number?

No. Voicemail messages are stored with your current service provider and often only for a very limited time. Voicemail messages with your existing provider will not be transferred.

Should I cancel my phone service with my previous provider after I signed up to AveoConnect?

To ensure the transfer or porting of your existing number is successful we advise you to NOT cancel your current account/service otherwise the number is likely to be lost. Numbers can only be ported out from an existing active service that has no pending disconnection request.

If you have reserved or have a number 'on hold' with a provider please check with them first if this number can be ported out in this state. Number port requests typically fail unless the number is bound to a current active service.

Transferring of home numbers, whilst appearing to work from the date we install you onto our service, can take a period of time in the background to actually take place. We will notify you once the number porting process is completed so you can then check at that point with the previous provider if the service has been canceled.

How long should I expect my Port to take?

Under normal circumstances, where all information provided is correct and matches the information stored with your previous provider, your Port into AveoConnect should be effective within approximately 7 business days however the existing provider has up to 30 days to action the request from the time the Port is initiated within the Local Number Portability environment.

How do I know when my Port is complete?

You will be notified by AveoConnect once your port has been completed. And you will then be advised to cancel your phone service with your previous service provider.

What if I need to cancel with my current provider before my new AveoConnect service is activated, can I still port my number?

As above, we advise you to maintain your existing account/service with the current provider until we have notified you that the port has been successfully completed. This however is sometimes not possible, for example, you have sold your home and there is a layover between moving out and then into your new address which is when the new AveoConnect service can be activated. Please ensure about our “Phone Number Early Transfer Service”.


For more information about Local number portability please refer to the Australian Communications and Media Authority website.

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