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Since connecting with AveoConnect, I can still receive emails but not send them?


You will have to contact your e-mail provider to provide you with the correct e-mail settings in order for your e-mail account to allow you to send e-mails. These settings are commonly known as 'Outgoing server settings'.

Your e-mail provider is responsible for allowing your e-mail account to be able to send people e-mails regardless of who you have your internet provided by.

For example; if you have a Bigpond e-mail address ({username}@bigpond.net.au or {username}@bigpond.com) provided by Telstra, you should be able to send e-mails with that account regardless of whether your computer is connected to your AveoConnect internet connection or if you've brought your laptop to an internet cafe or even if you go to an internet cafe overseas.

If you are still unsure of what all this means, we would recommend that you contact the e-mail provider that provides your e-mail account. For example, if your e-mail is {username}@tpg.com.au then you will need to contact TPG.

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